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It’s important that all your teeth are able to function properly so you can bite and chew your food without any problem. But it’s also important that your teeth look good as well. At Mayfair Dental Center, we take good care of our patients’ teeth because we understand that it’s a necessary component to looking good and feeling confident. That’s why we also offer cosmetic dentistry solutions like veneers and laminates to our patients.

Dental Veneers and Laminates in Mayfair

What Are Veneers and Laminates?

A veneer and a laminate refer to the same type of dental solution designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. A veneer is an extremely thin layer of material customized to cover any imperfection on your tooth. While a crown may cover the whole tooth, a veneer is placed only in front of the tooth so that it improves your smile and your general appearance.

There are two most commonly used materials to make veneers. One is porcelain or ceramic, and the other is made of resin composite materials. Of the two, most of our patients choose porcelain because this material looks more natural. Porcelain even reflects light in a way that’s similar to how the enamel of the teeth does. And it also resists staining much better than the resin composite.

Certain preparations are required when installing veneers to ensure they fit well. Part of that preparation is to adjust the size and shape of the teeth so that it accommodates the width of the veneer. Some patients go for resin composite veneers because they’re thinner, which means we don’t have to remove as much of the tooth surface prior to application.

Benefits of Veneers

Because we put the veneers in front of the teeth, they can solve a lot of aesthetic problems that impact your smile. For example, if you have a single tooth that’s darker than the rest, it can be distracting to look at. But we can put a veneer over it that has the same shade as all your other teeth.

Sometimes we even put in a row of veneers when many of our patient’s front teeth are already yellow. If the discoloration is so bad that even our teeth whitening solutions won’t improve it then we recommend veneers, so you can have pearly white front teeth.

We can also use the veneer to improve the shape of your teeth. Sometimes there are gaps between the teeth, and we use the veneers to close that gap without resorting to extreme measures. And if you have a chip in your tooth, we can put in a veneer to cover that missing part, so that no one will ever know you have chipped teeth.

In some cases, we can even use veneers to function like a brace so your teeth will appear perfectly aligned.

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